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      Pneumatic logistics solutions

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      Pneumatic logistics solutions

      Germany Union Pneumatic Logistics of the nine highlights

      • humanization

        Chinese interface, according to the user's various human needs to prepare the use of procedures to facilitate the operation.

      • efficiency

        According to the different levels of hospital business volume, a reasonable distribution of transport capacity, so that equipment is fully utilized.

      • shape

        Using a new touch screen, large amount of information, beautiful interface, first-class process.

      • product

        Products include pneumatic logistics transmission system, track car logistics system of medical logistics professional products, is the hospital logistics overall solution provider.

      • stir

        Items transport the entire process by the computer monitoring, to achieve a detailed record of any location, the software real-time monitoring equipment running status, the problem ahead of warning.

      • price

        Hospital transport a wide range of goods, weight, size, the system can achieve a variety of transport logistics equipment, organic combination, to avoid waste.

      • after-sale

        Jiangsu Germany League company after-sales service center engineers to provide you with 24-hour telephone and online consulting services, through the Internet connection, always concerned about your equipment running. Service has been basically achieved localization, to ensure that the first time for you to solve the problem.

      • profession

        No matter how good the logistics products, must be commissioned through high-quality installation in order to achieve high-quality operation, the German industry through modular modular assembly to ensure the accuracy of installation, without the need for construction units with short duration.

      • maintenance

        Jiangsu Germany UNITA perfect after-sales system, the warranty period to provide you with regular professional maintenance, greatly extending the life of the equipment and to ensure that equipment does not fail, the German Air Force Lifetime for your free software upgrades, so that the device features more Powerful, more humane.

      Germany alliance pneumatic logistics system advantages, characteristics, parameters

      • ·Fast return on investment, cost-effective.

      • ·Improve the safety and efficiency of the hospital.

      • ·Diameter of 160mm, suitable for all domestic user needs.

      • ·Load up to 5kg, the speed up to 10m / s, slow 2m / s fast and flexible.

      • ·Automatic dispatch station set up double pipeline, to avoid the air cross infection,
          more suitable for hospitals.

      • ·Using a new touch screen, large amount of information, beautiful interface.

      • ·In the multi-system (more than 200 send and receive stations), the sub-system can be a   smooth exchange between, but also can be sent in parallel.

      • ·System timely work, that is, only in the transceiver carrier, the air compressor work,   great savings in energy.

      • ·There is no requirement for the building structure and can be used in new buildings or   built buildings.

      • ·Can reduce the hospital logistics of other hardware inputs, such as elevators, personnel,   etc., to reduce the hospital congestion.

      • ·Through repeated trial design of the superior structure, the machine life is longer.

      • ·System tolerance design is more reasonable, when a single component and a single system   failure, the other part can still work properly.

      • ·Equipment anti-interference ability.

      Germany Union pneumatic logistics system, in the medical field can send a variety of items

      • Colour
      • Laboratory
        Blood samples / a variety of laboratory specimens / laboratory and so on
      • Center supply
        Small surgical instruments / catheters / cleaning dressings and so on
      • Pharmacy
        Prescription drugs / intravenous infusion and so on
      • Pathology
        Pathology and related reports
      • Operating room
        Blood samples / small surgical instruments / cleaning dressings
      • Nurses station
        Blood samples / drugs / infusion and a variety of medical records and so on
      • Radiology
        X-ray film and so on
      • Emergency door
        Blood samples / drugs and so on